A Peek Behind the Lens……

Meet Darla and Melissa


We consider ourselves extremely blessed to get to do what we love every day.
Witnessing the most precious, classic moments in peoples’ lives and helping them
document these priceless memories.

We believe that having your picture taken shouldn’t be hard work, so our relaxed
approachable style keeps things low key. Even those most reluctant males (you
know who you are!) will find that a photo shoot can be fun.

Time and again, we are moved by emotion. Whether we are capturing a groom’s
smile the first time he sees his bride walking towards him, the awe of a child as she
struggles to hold on to a baby chick, or team mates being silly together, the
happiness is infectious. As you look through our gallery, you will find that we
capture laughter. Laughter is magical and contagious! And a photo is the closest
thing we can find to bottling happiness…..the only thing that can truly keep a
memory alive forever.

Clients come back to us again and again and the biggest compliment to us is the
many referrals we receive each year. We make photo shoots fun, so grab your
family or friends, and let’s head on out to a mustard field or redwood grove…..even a
park or a local winery, and let us tell your story!


Memories Last a Lifetime…
Portraits are Forever.


A Peek Behind the Scenes:

We created Classic Photography back in 2004, which seems like just yesterday…..a
subtle reminder of how quickly time passes and how important it is to treasure
every moment. We started out shooting sepia images of Little League players with
old-fashioned bats and gloves, and children hugging fluffy sheep at Connolly Ranch.
As a thank you for inspiring us, we are proud to say that we still donate to these two
local charities.


Darla and Melissa