Our sincerest thank you for having Classic Photography photograph your students & faculty again this year. Celebrating 11 years of photographing for Stone Bridge! A couple of reminders:

*Christmas Order Deadline - Dec. 10th

* Reminder- if you are ordering a package it is for ONE pose per package.
* Digital Images - if you order digital images you will receive a separate link to download them. For the Family digital package, click on the heart icon to add your children's poses to Favorites. Click on the Favorites tab and add all the images.

*Class photo info - Class photos are NOT included in the Family Digital Package or All digitals of one child package. They only come in 8x10 size due to the template of student's names.

Thank you for supporting a local business! Any questions, contact Darla Aaron 707-328-1059 or [email protected]

Darla & Melissa
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